Walk Talk Lunch Meetings New York

Did you know your desk chair is killing you? As innocent as it looks, your desk chair may be threatening your life and the success of your business. Walk talk lunch meetings New York may be your ticket to health.

The American cancer Society reports if you sit 6 hours or more a day, you’re likely to die at a younger age, than someone who sits only 3 hours a day.

There are many benefits to getting up at lunch time and taking a walk. First you’re doing something positive for your health. Not only will your back thank you, but you will increase the blood not only through your legs but up to the brain as well.

It’s one of the best ways to problem solve. By going for a casual walk around the parking lot, your creative juices will start to flow, and you just may think of a fresh idea in your new surroundings. It’s an old prescription but true today, of being able to think on your feet, and let your ideas flow.

It’s a great way to socialize and build team spirit. You can start the ball rolling by asking coworkers in your department if they would like to join you for a walking lunch. I’ve found eating a sandwich is the best food to bring on an outdoor walk and talk, because it’s portable and can be eaten with one hand.

Or you can post a schedule on your company’s bulletin board, inviting co-workers to sign-up on a particular day. Where you walk is really secondary, on a quiet road with as little as traffic as possible is a great place to start. Just get up and get moving.

Even if you work in a small office, and can’t find a co-walker to join you, do it yourself. Not only are you increasing the quality of life for your back and circulation,
but you will find mentally, for such a small effort it’s quite invigorating and stimulating.

And it’s a must when you travel out of town for company meetings. I have several clients that come to New York for business, and arrange for me to meet them outside their event location at lunch hour. From there I take them to several local restaurants where we pick up iconic local New York foods, and eat it as we walk to the next food venue.

My clients have told me just being able to walk and eat for 1 hour makes such a difference, they feel alert and energized for the afternoon session.
Walk talk lunch meetings New York a new way to great foods and a healthier life.

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Article written by Bruce Scher, owner of Walking Tours Manhattan, native New Yorker, and licensed tour guide, in business since 2007.

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