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Walking Tours NYC is a great way to see and taste the Big Apple. A walking tour to Greenwich Village for example, allows you to experience the neighborhood differently, than just coming down for dinner and then taking a taxi to your next location.

You’ll see attractions and iconic landmarks close-up and because you’re walking you’ll take in the locations in a slower different light. And to further enhance a walking tour, I would recommend a food walking tour, to add the sense of taste, of new and the best foods available only in New York City.

When you visit Joe’s Pizza for one of the best thin-sliced pizzas in New York, you’ll know it immediately a few steps from the entrance from its heavenly fragrance. The delicious smell of pizza dough cooking plus the aroma of tomatoes mingled with mozzarella cheese, awaiting that first tempting bite.

Joe’s has been satisfying customers seeking fresh delicious pizza since the 1970’s. It’s so popular that lines come out the door at lunch time, and late at night just as the bars are closing. And make sure you have gelato at Grom on the corner before you leave the area.

Or perhaps you’ll want to visit Little Italy, a neighborhood well-known for so many Italian immigrants who came to America seeking a new home in the early 1900’s.
Then the neighborhood stretched for 16 blocks, today many Italians have moved to the suburbs and the neighborhood is now only 3 blocks long on Mulberry Street.
But luckily the best place for a cannoli hasn’t closed or moved away. It’s Ferrara, on Grand Street, where thousands are sold everyday, keeping the bakers busy supplying fresh cannolis to the presentation cases.

If you cross Canal Street leaving Little Italy you’ll enter Chinatown. A busy and bustling neighborhood filled with thousands of shoppers and interesting shops.
If you’re an ice-cream lover I would recommend the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory on Bayard Street, a family owned business for since the 1970’s. Their Asian inspired flavors like leeche, green tea, and red bean are flavors you won’t anywhere else.

Walking tours NYC gives you the best of both worlds. You’ll get to see famous New York attractions, plus taste local foods only available in New York City, a true food lovers paradise.

Walking food tours are a perfect way to see great neighborhoods like Greenwich Village, SoHo, or Little Italy and eat in iconic New York shops and restaurants. All tours include a full meal and visit famous historic points of interest.

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Article written by Bruce Scher, owner of Walking Tours Manhattan, native New Yorker, and licensed tour guide, in business since 2007.

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